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Click to see on YouTube: Qigong/Hua Gong Basic Self Healing Movement Demo by Dario

Everybody wants mental peace, physical relaxation, balanced and harmonious energy, and good health in their life. It can be frustrating, however, to find that we do not always know how to achieve these qualities. Even when we do know the way, we may still find that we cannot follow it properly.

Qigong/Hua Gong provides an invaluable way and clear guidance along the way for us to realise these desirable qualities. The art of Qigong (also variously spelt Qi Gong, Chi Gong, Chigong, Chi Kung or Chikung) originated in China several thousand years ago. Throughout its history it has been practised by Taoist and Buddhist monks, Confucian scholars, indigenous doctors and Martial Arts practitioners as a source of power, knowledge and wisdom. It embodies the essence of the Chinese civilisation.

Qi is the vital subtle energy that gives us life and connects us to the Universe. Gong means the practice of cultivating the Qi. The way of Qigong is to awaken and cultivate the Qi to prevent or conquer illness, to improve physical and mental health, and to realise our inner potential, creativity and higher intelligence.

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