Training Programme

The Hua Gong courses with Dario focus on the basic training for good health and healing, and for a clear understanding of natural health and spiritual development.

With this programme we aim to experience:

1. The initiation and awakening of the Qi energy.
2. The transformation and improvement of the physical body.
3. The opening of the internal Qi meridians, energy centres (Chakras) and cavities.
4. A sense of well being, deep relaxation and stability.

We learn:

1. Basic meditation and exercises for relaxation, mental calmness and emotional tranquillity.
2. Effective ways of cleansing, grounding and recharging our energy.
3. Practical and simple techniques for improving digestion, sleeping, walking, driving, coping with stress, etc.
4. Healing methods for improving and strengthening our internal and external systems.

It is recommended that the courses be taken as a series so as to learn systematically, and regularly cleanse and balance our energy.

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