Here is a list of useful resources:

YouTube videos:
Qigong/Hua Gong Basic Self Healing Movement Demo by Dario
South East London ME Support Group Video (1h 12m)
Love and Gratitude
– Dario’s Music
I’m not dreaming
– Dario’s Music

Other Qigong websites:
Zhixing Wang & Zhendi Wu – Founders of Hua Gong
Qigong-Southwest by Brad Richecoeur and Daverick Leggett by Sue Dunham (Leeds area)
Likeatree by Marianna Neururer (including Alexander Technique)

Health & Nutrition:
Macrobiotic Association of Great Britain
Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen – Raw food inspiration from Aradhana
Bruton Wholefoods – Friendly community co-op in Bruton offering organic fruit & veg & other organic food items & also natural toiletries & supplements
Holistic Massage by Sarah Hoare, a good Hua Gong student of mine

Technical Support for Alternative Practitioners:
Webmistress of Bath – Wonderful WordPress coaching by Alison who gave me great technical support in setting up this website

Musical friends
Deepsong – a collective of music, sound, meditation and Reiki events and sessions led by wonderful singer/songwriter and Sound Explorer Kath Reade

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