Benefits of Hua Gong

Good Health

Prevention is always better than cure. Those who are considered healthy can prevent future illness and improve their health greatly.

Healing Effects

Its healing power is probably the most important reason for the popularity of Qigong. Many people have experienced profound transformation in their health and lives through their Hua Gong practice. For example, people coming into a class on crutches (because of M.S. or accidents) have been able to walk without them after attending one morning or one weekend with Zhixing Wang.


Qigong has been practised for longevity and immortality for centuries. With Hua Gong practice, instead of feeling the aches and pains and weakness as years go by, we can become more supple and energetic. Many students in their fifties and sixties have experienced this rejuvenating effect.

More Freedom in Life

Our health is more in our own hands with Hua Gong practice. We learn how to take care of our own health. It becomes possible to recover from serious illness and to improve our health through our own efforts. We are better able to restore the balance when we occasionally feel unwell. This frees us greatly from the suffering due to illness and old age.

Mental Clarity and Spiritual Realisation

By deepening our perception to the subtle level and widening our awareness into the spiritual aspect, our view of life can change fundamentally. Mental clarity and spiritual realisation will become the fruit of our practice.

Unusual Abilities

It is possible to develop unusual abilities in healing, arts and spiritual aspects.

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